Flat Fee

  • $595 One-Time Flat Fee MLS Listing Plan

    Want Maximum Exposure for Your Home without the high Realtor commissions?

    Get the Maximum Exposure for your home through the MLS to sell for the highest possible price, potentially with multiple offer bidding wars & save tens of thousands in commissions!

    How It Works

    + You pay ONLY $595 one-time, not monthly
    + We provide suggested price range report for your home but you choose whatever list price you want
    + If you are a FSBO already on Zillow, we’ll extract everything we need.
    + If not, you will send our fulfillment team photos and fill out our questionnaire to help our team build your listing
    + We publish your listing in the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and hundreds of other real estate websites for max exposure
    + All buyers or buyer agents will call or text you for appointments
    + We’ll advertise your Open House in the MLS and on Zillow should you wish to host one
    + We provide the required contracts, paperwork and any disclosures that you’ll need
    + We offer unlimited price and listing changes
    + Easy sign up process with e-signature agreement
    + MLS expiration date listed as 6 months but you can cancel or renew at any time

    Your Costs

    + $595 Listing Fee
    + 0% commission if you sell to a buyer directly (no buyer’s agent)
    + 2% or 2.5% commission (you choose what to offer) if a buyer’s agent brings the buyer through the MLS and you like their offer

Still have questions? Call or text
South Florida: 954-820-5160
New York: 716-727-2000
e-mail sales @ list1.com
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